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Are you aware of the damage that you could be doing to your smile while you sleep? A common oral health condition that can arise while you sleep is known as bruxism. Bruxism occurs when you grind your teeth unconsciously, and although it can occur when you may be awake, it is most often a problem that affects you while you sleep. If left untreated, it can lead to severe dental damage.


Bruxism often arises due to issues within your oral health that you may not be aware of. Oftentimes, you may need various dental treatments to not only minimize the risks associated with bruxism but also to inspect your oral health for any other conditions that may be leading to it. If you are suffering from discomfort with your smile each morning, be sure to look for any symptoms of the disorder.


If you are grinding your teeth at night, your teeth may suffer from an increased sensitivity or discomfort when you wake up in the morning. Also, be aware of any visual clues including worn or flat teeth, or the presence of chips and cracks in your teeth that you are previously unaware of. Furthermore, if you notice that you have an increased jaw and facial discomfort, earaches or headaches, cheek tissue damage, indentations on your tongue, or any tight jaw muscles when you wake up in the morning, it is important to visit our dentists for an oral health assessment.


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