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When was your last oral cancer screening exam? This includes a visit to your dentist’s office where they closely examine your neck and throat areas, looking and feeling your neck, jawbone, lips, cheeks, gums, teeth, and inner throat areas. Dr. Lara Perry and our dental care professionals are dedicated to finding and stopping any oral and dental issues as well as providing tips of how to avoid oral cancer.

Indications of oral cancer can include discoloration on the tongue, gums, or other areas of the mouth; painful, consistent sores that don’t go away; or constant pain in your bite, throat, or ears that can’t be explained. Another unexplainable indication may be pressure in the back of the throat. Extreme symptoms that need to be immediately attended to by medical care include trouble swallowing, breathing, or constant bleeding.

Oral cancer may originate from many things, but some of the reoccurring causes professionals find include the use of tobacco, smoking, extreme alcohol use, too much sun exposure, untreated infections, and/or inherited mutations. Avoiding these and keeping a healthy regimen of good nutrition and regular exercise greatly decrease your chances of getting oral cancer. Help your children keep healthy habits as well to further prevent their chances.

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