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If you have missing teeth in your smile, this can affect your health as well as your appearance. Dr. Lara Perry and our team at Bella Vista Dental are pleased to be able to share the benefits of dental bridges for our patients in Seguin, Texas who are struggling with one or more missing teeth.

First, how do missing teeth affect your smile? As it turns out, there are several ways your smile can be altered. Just consider the following:

  • Your appearance suffers as the gaps stand out.
  • Your speech can be affected.
  • You are at a greater risk for gum disease as well as tooth decay.
  • Your remaining teeth will shift.
  • Your bite can change. If this happens, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) can result if the missing teeth are in the back of your mouth causing uneven pressure on your pearly whites.


So you see, your appearance isn’t the only thing that suffers when you lose teeth. They actually affect the function of your mouth as well. But the good news is that a dental bridge can prevent the problems associated with missing teeth.


Fixed dental bridges are affixed or cemented to the remaining teeth in your smile or even onto dental implants. This allows them to provide both stability and security when you speak and chew. And of course, bridges improve your smile’s appearance so you can smile with confidence again.


While dental bridges aren’t the only choice in your smile toolkit to replace missing teeth, they may well be an ideal choice for your needs. If you would like more information, or to schedule a visit with our dentist, please reach out to our Bella Vista Dental team at 830-379-8902 in Seguin, Texas at your earliest convenience. Dr. Lara Perry and our team are here to help revitalize your confident smile!