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Don’t spend your holiday season stressing about the fact you won’t be able to enjoy the foods you love due to a lack of teeth. If you are missing any teeth, even if it’s only a single tooth, a dental replacement procedure such as dentures can be highly effective. Whether you require partial dentures for a single tooth, or complete dentures to replace entire rows, the benefits of dentures cannot be understated.

If you are looking for a highly effective prosthetic that can be crafted and matched to your natural teeth, consider a set of dentures. Partial dentures can be crafted to replace lost or missing teeth even if only a single tooth needs replacement. Complete dentures can be crafted for entire rows of teeth. Depending on your health care needs, your dentist can help you determine what form of dentures will work best for you.

If you do decide on a pair of dentures, it is important to care for them with caution. They are fragile, so they must be taken out carefully and soaked in a denture cleaning solution every night. Avoid products such as bleach, hot water, teeth whiteners, and other abrasive cleaning materials. Be sure that you wash them off with water before inserting them back into your mouth.

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