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When a cavity presents itself, one possible solution to the problem could be a dental filling. If you would like to know what the dentist does to place the filling, we are happy to explain the process.

Here at Bella Vista Dental, we try to help you feel relaxed and comfortable while we treat you. To minimize discomfort, you can try our sedation treatments, which can help you feel at ease as we fill the tooth.

Once the anesthesia has taken effect, our dentist starts by removing the parts of the tooth that have succumbed to decay. This can help make room for the filling and protect the healthy parts of your tooth.

If it is necessary, the dentist may also shape the cavity somewhat. The reason they does this is to help the filling remain anchored in the tooth and not pop out easily. Even so, the possibility of it falling out is always there, but as you are careful, the filling can last for years to come.

With the tooth prepared, the filling can at last be set in the tooth. Your tooth is thus restored, and you can rest easy knowing the cavity is taken care of.

If a cavity starts to take root in one of your teeth, you can come to our office in Seguin, Texas, to get it treated. Dr. Lara Perry is happy to help you in any way you need. To see if a filling is right for you or if another treatment can help you, you are welcome to call 830-379-8902, and we will schedule a visit for you.