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Your tongue is a powerful weapon. With it humans have created constitutions, built or burned relationships, and persuaded kings and countrymen. You can use it to taste delectable food and even to clear bacteria from other parts of the mouth. And in order to do its job well, it needs your daily care.

As your tongue spreads mouth-cleaning saliva to your teeth and gums or chews your food, it picks up bacteria. These bacteria can in turn affect the rest of the mouth, cause bad breath, and even lead to a less flavorful eating experience. Helping your tongue to be spotless will aid you in cleaning better, eating better and even speaking more effectively, without worrying about the state of your breath.

When it comes to choosing the best tongue cleaning tool, you have three options: a toothbrush, a tongue scraper, or a tongue brush. If you are simply looking for the easiest option, you can brush your tongue right along with your teeth and gums during your twice daily toothbrush routine. If you seek something more effective, you can can buy a tongue scraper or tongue brush at your local drugstore. A tongue scraper is composed of a handle and blade which will safely abrade the surface of your tongue of bad bacteria. A tongue brush resembles a toothbrush but has bristles which are particularly designed to reach the unique grooves and crevices in the tongue. Both are effective options for deeper cleans.

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