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If you are experiencing signs of a tooth infection, such as persistent dental pain or swollen gums, we encourage you to speak with our dentists about receiving root canal treatment. This method of restorative dentistry is surrounding by myths that make it unappealing to many patients. By learning the truth behind root canal treatment, you can determine if it right for your smile.

The common reputation of root canal treatment is that it is a painful procedure since it used to involve poor anesthetic and invasive techniques. However, most pain comes from having a diseased tooth, which can be reduced during root canal treatment. As modern dentistry advanced, it made a root canal feel like a dental filling procedure.

Another misconception is that root canal treatment can cause illness, but scientific evidence doesn’t support this claim. In fact, receiving treatment for an infected tooth, such as root canal treatment, can eliminate bacteria and prevent health complications.

If you are considering having a tooth removed instead of receiving a root canal, we encourage you to preserve the tooth if possible. Receiving artificial teeth may limit the foods in your, and having a dental implant or bridge placed may be more expensive.

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