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In order for an artificial tooth to be placed, a dental implant has to be first installed in order to get that complete smile you’ve always wanted. A damaged or lost tooth root is replaced by this titanium alternative, whether it’s an endosteal or subperiosteal implant. Our staff here at Bella Vista Dental wants to provide the best implant for you and your smile as well as improve your eating and speaking skills.

Either the endosteal or subperiosteal dental implant is placed on the jawbone to establish a secure base for your new artificial tooth. This can be in the form of a dental crown for one tooth or a dental bridge for two or more teeth. Both are approved by the American Dental Association.

An endosteal implant uses a small screw, cylinder, or plate placed in the jawbone, secured after the healing process. A subperiosteal implants uses a metal frame, typically designed for a shallower jawbone to avoid jawbone reconstruction. This is placed on either on or above the jawbone. Your new tooth is then put in place to complete either procedure after the gums and bone have healed around the implant.

Be sure to strive for healthy teeth with the right oral care regimen through daily flossing and brushing. Dr. Lara Perry and our dental professionals located in Seguin, Texas, want to give you the assurance and look of your best smile. Call us at 830-379-8902 to get a consultation or schedule an appointment today here at Bella Vista Dental.