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Many people who start out dealing with mild tooth sensitivity will experiment with specially formulated tooth sensitivity toothpaste. Most approved brands contain a minor concentration of potassium nitrate and added fluoride.

While these special toothpastes might minimize or seemingly alleviate tooth sensitivity, they could be masking an undiagnosed dental health problem. In time the sensitivity could start to worsen, indicating the need for professional diagnosis and treatment from a dentist like Dr. Lara Perry.

After assessing the nature and severity of the problem they and their staff will help you understand your possible treatment options.

In a case where tooth enamel erosion has been linked to your tooth sensitivity symptoms. Dr. Lara Perry can help restore some of your tooth enamel’s the mineral strength by administering a simple fluoride treatment. In some of these cases they might also provide you with prescription fluoride supplements to further help you maintain strong teeth.

If any active cavities are found they will need to treat them before the tooth decay can spread. This might call for installing a dental filling or performing a dental crown restoration to prevent a dangerous infection or abscess to developing in the underlying gums. In a severe case, they might need to perform a root canal.

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